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Pintura (Allegory of Painting), digital studyCesare Ripa said in the 14th century Iconologia  that Painting holds her deepest secrets for those best prepared to understand.  Knowledge is its own reward.

Amazon.com is a great way to buy beautiful fine art books and videos for your eluctation and enjoyment away from the computer. Buy books for yourself and you will always have a convenient supply of gifts for your friends on the shelfs of your library.   Please consider the following suggestions.

MUSASHI AT THE SCROLL, studyMusashi at the Scroll is based on the life of the deeply inspirational strategist and sword fighter, Miyamoto Musashi.  You owe it to yourself to read his incredible biography and own his Book of Five Rings.

Musashi, Eiji Yoshikawa     Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi

SKILAK AUTUMN AFTERNOONSkilak Autumn Afternoon was based on visits to an incredible lake on the Kenai Peninsula of  Alaska.  Sightsee from home by stocking up on great photo books and fiction from ALASKA

The Milepost: Trip Planner for Alaska, Kris Graef     ALASKA, James A Michener     Alaska from the Air, Fred Hirschmann    

Judgement of Paris Judgement of Paris is based on a Greco-Roman myth cycle starring Venus, the Goddess of Love. Learn more about these fascinating mythologies from the modern day sources. Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, Edith Hamilton    Bullfinch's Mythology, Thomas Bullfinch

 PORTRAIT BATTLEPortrait Battle evokes a time that has fired creative imaginations ever since.   Expand your collection of art movies by adding the video Lust For Life starring Kirk Douglas as Vincent vanGogh. Lust for Life (1956)   video, starring Kirk Douglas as Vincent vanGogh

  Choose one of these fine books to learn more about Vincent, and about the beautiful and exotic paintings of Paul Gauguin.  Lust for Life, Irving Stone     Gauguin, Robert Goldwater      Gauguin (History and Techniques of the Masters), Linda Bolton

PARTY FOR ROUSSEAUParty for Rousseau 1995 45"x90" oil on hardboard original

The true life characters in Party for Rousseau are well known by those who love the history of art.  Learn more about the Banquet Years from the book by the same name, or choose a coffeetable book of Rousseau, Picasso, Braques, or Laurencin paintings. Enjoy them yourself before giving them as gifts to a friend!

  The Banquet Years, Roger Shattuck     Henri Rousseau: Dreams of the Jungle, Werner Schmalenbach 

Making Modernism: Picasso, Michael G Fitzgerald      

CHANGE of SEASONSChange of Seasons 1993 90"x45" oil on hardboard original

Change of Seasons was conceived in the spirit of the fantastic   Tanith Lee. Indulge yourself  in the deliciously opulent and sinister taste of this British authoress' fascinating works.

          Faces Under Water (Secret Books of Venus I), Tanith Lee

Premio di Lorenzo di Medici   The Director of the FIRENZE BIENNALE is an excellent author and scholar. Find out for yourself about John T Spike.      Massacio, John T Spike     Fairfield Porter: An American Classic, John T Spike   Fra Angelico, John T Spike

LAST BUFFALO HERD studyThose interested in the legends of the Native American peoples  will enjoy this controversial story book, and nobody can remain unmoved by the magic of Joseph Brucac.

American Indian Myths and Legends, Richar Erdoes    Between Earth & Sky, Legends of Native American Sacred Places, Joseph Brucac    

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