Donald R Ricker

(94"x46" oil on hardboard)

The Crone and the Virgin represent the loving conflict of seasonal change.

Seated on her chair of bones, the grave Winter carefully grooms the warming Spring as the familiar Raven is unsettled on his perch.

While cold death mounts the throne, it has no authority without the presence of life.

CHANGE OF SEASONS  was exhibited during August, 1997 at the Toast Gallery in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA  in a group show titled 'Artists Make It Big'

and at the 'D' Street Café in Anchorage during September/October 1999. 

Change of Seasons was conceived in the spirit of the fantastic British authoress  Tanith Lee. Indulge yourself  in the deliciously opulent and sinister taste of this British authoress' fascinating works.

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