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1999 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea II

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On the threshold of the third Millenium, over 500 artists from more than thirty countries around the world met in Florence for the greatest international exhibition of contemporary art ever. This grandiose celebration of art was held from 3-12 December 1999 at the historic Fortezza da Basso, a stone's throw from the Santa Maria Novella railway station.

Art historian John Spike was Director of the International Jury made prestigious by the illustrious and internationally recognised members including Dr Spike,  Dr Veronica Birke, Dr Guy Cogeval,  Prof. Stefano Francolini, Prof. Francis Naumann, and Prof. Teresa Ortega Coca. This Jury was charged with awarding prizes including the newly established ‘Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico’ medallions.Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico, (MAGNUS LAURENTIUS MEDICES) medal by Paccioli

Artists participating were invited by a larger international committee of fifty art critics, scholars, and administrators. Exhibitors are limited to three pieces each, and expenses of this spectacular show are borne by the artists themselves with the aid of their supporters and patrons.

Visitors were alternately challenged, comforted, appalled, and thrilled by the discoveries they made among this unprecedented presentation of hundreds of unbiased, compellingly personal statements.   A beautiful catalog of the works with information about each artist in their own language, a black and white reproduction and one full color reproductions was published, and various conferences, personalities (including poet Mario Luzi), and events were associated with the Biennale.  More than 50,000 visitors paid to view this diverse collection. or email to:

Florence hosted the artists of America (55), Argentina (10), Australia (2), Austria (14), Belgium (4), Brazil (3), Canada (4), Chile (3), Cyprus (1), France (3), Germany (16), Great Britain (12), Greece (4), Hungary (1), Ireland (14), Israel (1), Italy (181), Malta (3), Mexico (69),  New Zealand (1), Netherlands (3), Norway  (4), Portugal (4), Russia (3), Serbia (1), South Korea (1), Spain (59), Sweden (1), Switzerland (2), Taiwan (1), and  Venezuela (19)

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FLORENCE BIENNALE?  I've heard of that!  In VENICE, isn't it?Srs Gori & Bertini converse with John T Spike, director

"There is an urgent need of consequential international exhibitions for qualified artists, since until now there has been only one, Venice.  And by now it is obvious to all that Venice cannot accommodate the available talent. 

It simply doesn't work any longer to tell artists to be good and stay home until they get the call.  For 99% of them, the call will never come.  The Florence Biennale has taken off because of the enthusiastic response of artists to an invitation to take matters into their own hands.  After all, that's what it means to pay your own way.  514 artists from 32 countries responded.

This year's theme of the Venice Biennale is "new faces", of whom it shows 164, so what's the difference except that Florence is showing 3 times as many?  And with a crucial difference.  Walking through the pavilions at Venice is like leafing through a Christie's catalogue of contemporary art...the differences in medium don't matter, every single work expresses either existential despair or ironic absurdity.

Frankly, we've been looking at this for forty years.  In the meantime, artists all over the world have moved on to work on themes as various as the human condition.  Florence has these artists, Venice has not." --- Spike 

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Results from the AWARDS CEREMONY December 12, 1999.

Premio di Lorenzo il Magnifico PITTURA

1° Premio:    ROCCA, Giuseppe         Italia
2° Premio:    CHRIST, Ronald        USA
3° Premio:    WALTON, Conor         Ireland
4° Premi:   
        BOWAR, Sharon         USA

        CALLI, Vincenzo         Italia
        DONADI, Orlando         Italia
        GUSTIN, Dan             USA
        O’NEILL, Geraldine         Ireland
        OSTERN, Jèsus          Spain
        PASQUINI, Giulio         Italia
        QUINCOCES, Alejandro      Spain
        SANGUINO, Roger         Venezuela
        SAVINI, Tinna             USA
        WABER, Linde             Austria
        WOODSON, James         USA
        WOZNICKI, Jared         USA
        ZHAO, Yong-Bo         Germany
5° Premi:
        AVILA, Gerardo             Mexico
        BUSTELO, Javier         Spain
        DEDJA, Albert             Albania
        ESCOBAR, Antonio         Spain
        GOBOZOV, Vladimir         Russia
        KARA, Vladimir             Russia
        MILLER, Paton             USA
        PLANK, Elisabeth         Austria
        REDONDO, Javier         Spain
        RICKER, Donald         USA
        RUISANCHEZ, Javier         Spain
        SCHIEDL, Roman         Austria
        WALENTA, Raphael         Austria



Premio Lorenzo il Magnifico GRAFICA Works on Paper

1° Premio:    BOROMEO, Paul         Aus&127;&127;tralia
2° Premio:    FRIEDL, Herbert         Austria        
3° Premio:    SWANSON, Mary        USA
4° Premi:
        CALLWOOD, Dennis         USA
        LANGSTON, James         USA
        PAREYON, Nora         Mexico
        PLATTNER, Phyllis         USA
        SELEDTSOV, Vladimir         Belarus
5° Premi:
        COOPER, Craig         Tasmania
        KLIKOVAC, Drasko         Serbia

CITTA DI FIRENZE: Inestimable Contributions to Life of Biennale
        ALIO, Guillermo         Argentino
        ATTARD, Norbert         Malta
        BORRERO, Fanny           Mexico
              CALVELLI, Luigi         Italy
        ECONOMOU, Demetrios   Great Britain
        FRANZINI, Silvo         Italy
        GUÈGANNE             Canada
        GONZÁLEZ MONTAÑO, Pedro Mexico
        GORI, Gianni             Italy
        LEONE, Fiora             Italy
        ORENSANZ, Angel         USA
        RASARIO, Giovanna         Italy
        RAVIZZA, Allegra         Italy
        YVERGNIAUX, Henri         France
        ZUMEL, Nelson             Spain

drawing by Donald R Ricker from Sandro Botticelli's Ignuto con Medaglia di Cosimo il Veccio in the Ufizzi Gallery
  Premio di Lorenzo il Magnifico SCULTURA

1° Premio:    VIRGILIUS, Moldovan         Austria
2° Premio:    GONZALEZ DIAZ, Belén    Spain
3° Premio:    BERKMAN, Tita         Mexico
4° Premio:   
        BRAVO, Carola             Venezuela
        CATTANEO, Piero         Italia
        DUHIGG, Thad             USA
        GAY GONZALEZ, Concha    Spain
        KERBL, Edith             Austria
        MANETTI, Roberto         Italia
        SEHN-BAUMHAKEL, Susanne     Austria
        SITTON, Celia             Mexico
5° Premio:
        KRAUS, Anthony         USA
        LUPO, Tina             Italia
        MONJE LARA, Pedro         Spain
        MUNOZ DE SUAREZ, Carmen     Mexico   
        PEZOLDO, Froederike         Austria
        STOLARSKI-ASSAEL, Raquel     Mexico

ALLA CARRIERA Career Recognition Awards:
        BACHNER, Barbara         USA
        BAXTER, Denis             Great Brittain
        BEER, Franz             Germany
        CAMPANELLA, Vito         Argentina
        CHEN, Chiang Hsiung         China
        CLARKE, Carey         Ireland
        D’ALOISIO, Maria Luisa         Italy
        DE LA FUENTE, Gregorio     Venezuela
        EBLING, Sonia             Brazil
        GARELLA SCHIAGNO, Grazia     Italy
        GENNARO, Vincenzo         Italy
        HUNT, Georgina         Great Britain
        KEYENBURG Hermann-Josef     Germany
        KONDOS, Gregory         USA
        MARTELL, Maxine         USA
        PACHIOLI, Mario         Italy
        PEÑA GURROLA, Otilio    Mexico
        PENNISI, Paul             Italy
        PIQUER, Nicolas         Venezuela
        PYE, Patrick             Ireland
        SCHLUMPF PORTMANN, Margrit                                               Switzerland
        VERMEULEN, Christiane    Belgium
        WARREN, Barbara         Ireland

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Americans participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Austin, David   Orlando, FL   407-857-7278
Bachner, Barbara  New York, NY   212-675-4323
Bowar, Sharon   PA    717-824-2482
Bradford,  Mark   Inglewood, CA
Bradley,  Virginia  MN    412-241-4948
Brighton, AEE   
Buins, Bruce   San Francisco, CA  
Callwood, Dennis  Los Angeles CA
Campay, Dennis  Jacksonville FL   904-398-5236
Chiarito,  Robert  CA    831-427-0340
Christ,  Ronald   Wichita, KS   316-978-3555  
Consuegra, Rafael  Miami, FL   
Duhigg,  Thad   TX    817-922-9725
Duranovic, Branislava  NY    
Evanisko-Long, Sonya  WV    304-876-1725
Grassi-SanPaolesi, Christina New York, NY   212-879-0255
Gustin, Dan   IL    312-427-7573
Henderson, Lynette  NM    505-873-4706
Hohlwein,  A.E. Laura  Alexandria,  VA   703-823-1126
Hornyak, Gregory  New York, NY   212-620-9940
Klionsky,  Nadia  New York, NY   212-289-6290
Kondos, Gregory  CA    916-444-3168
Krauss,  Anthony  NY    914-679-6360
Krehbiel,  Yaz   IN    812-331-2540
Langston,  James  Crystal River,  FL  352-795-4108James Langstons buttresses Donald Ricker while Angel Orensanz directs the Peace Bus
Lawson-Bell,  Susan  VA    703-892-8622
Lemeh,  Dori   PA    814-865-0444
Loarca,  Carlos   San Francisco, CA  415-282-5594
Lou, Liza   CA    
Mann, Frank   New York, NY   212-689-9003
Martell,  Maxine   Washington   360-678-5698
McDaniel,  Glenn  FL 
Miller, Paton  Southampton NY 631-287-2379 nemiller@suffolk.lib.ny  
Mirek, Robert   MI    248-557-6659
Moss,  Stanley   OR    503-223-4299
Muhlert,  Soraya  Inglewood   
Mullen, Denise   Jersey City, NJ   201-200-3245
Muller-Stach, Dieter  CA    562-429-3130
Nadler Sturges,  Helen  Riverton   401-624-9974
Nobel, Lindsey   New York, NY   212-962-3856
Orensanz,  Angel  NY  Angel Orensanz at work on the Peace Bus  
Plattner, Phyllis Ann  Bethesda,  MD   301-229-6518
Pierleoni, Gina   MD    410-836-2546
Pinhanez, Claudio  Cambridge, MA   
Rabinovitch,  Celia  San Francisco,  CA  415-252-5233

PORTRAIT BATTLE by Donald R Ricker flanked by Vincenzo Calli
Ricker, Donald R  Anchorage,  AK   907-277-7446 
Sands, Patricia   VA    703-534-6107
Savini,  Tinna   Turlock, CA   209-667-6159
Scheinman,  Nancy  MD    410-377-4726
Schmidt,  George  New Orleans, LA    504-524-8137
Swanson, Mary   CA    949-725-0643
Thayer, Nancy   Lathrup Village,  MI  248-569-2178
Waring, Tina   CT    203-245-9038
Woodson, James  TX    817-924-6376
Woznicki,  Jered  Chicago,  IL   630-620-7846

Wu,  Gabrielle Lee  FL    850-386-4930

Australians participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Cooper, Craig   Tasmania

Austrians participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Witzani foreground and Virgilius background

Witzani, Friedrich, Graz

Argentinans participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Alio, Guillermo , Buenos Aires

MAZÓ DIODORO, Arnaldo  Arnaldo MAZO DIODORO sculptures in foreground, JOP in background

Brasilians participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Padovez, JC, Sao Paulo

Canadians participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Doucet, Guéganne, New Brunswick     Guéganne's reports on the Biennale are in English et en Français.

Revington, Dereck   Toronto Ontario

French participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Philhelm,  Strasbourg

Irish participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

McKane, Eon      Dublin,Ireland

Italians participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Chiapinni, Allesandra, Piacenza, Tuscany

Ravizza, Allegra

Belvisi, Silvana

Juliano, Antonello  Calabria

Mexicans participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Celia Sitton, Tecamachalco Mex

Espinosa, Celia   Saltillo Coah

Milano, Mayra   Saltillo Coah

Stolarski-Assael, Raquel    México D.F.


South Koreans participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Mo Jee Sun, SeoulMo Jee Sun with brother 'Jay' in front of A Gate of Imagiination

Swiss participating in the 1999 Florence Biennial include the following:

Sclumpf Portmann, Margrit, Aathal-Seegräben

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 The Director of the Firenze Biennale 1999  is an excellent author and scholar. Find out for yourself about John T Spike.     

artsceneak Bookstore  Fra Angelico, John T Spike   Massacio, John T Spike  Fairfield Porter: An American Classic, John T Spike 

For more on funding and details of expenses view FIRENZ2 page...


WERE YOU INVOLVED IN THE BIENNALE as a participant, know of links to other participants or do you have a comment or question about this one or about International Biennials in general?  I would love to hear from you! 

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