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"Please remember I hope to see sometime a painting about Germany by you :-)" --- Klaus Ibold

"What dreams May come--not about a real artist--but revolves around the arts" --- Tamara

"The trimurti statue at the Elephanta" --- Kirti Chandak

"New York Stories, A Stolen Life, Bucket of Blood, Stealing Beauty, An UnMarried Woman, The Horses Mouth, Blow Up,Ghost. They are all Hollywood movies." --- Zamora

"The sun set.  The mirror of colour." --- Syida Rosihan

"i need help in the next 10 minitues i need 2 portraits of gauguin and picasso please it is really inportant" --- help

"native women swimming" --- anonymously

"un mio quadro." --- Tanino Cannata, Buccheri, Italy

"van gogh  o renoir o 1 altro impressionista (dejuner sur l'erbe, o colazione alla gallette) o botticelli (la primavera o la nascita di venere)" --- anonymously

"an oil painting of eagles & orcas" --- anonymously

"If I could have any piece of art made for me, it would be a portrait of my grandparents, whom I knew only slightly." -- anonymously

""Cultura de Colombia" -- Melina Parqa

"Me and my two teen-age sons floating in the air, heading towards the stars. " --- linKvamme

"Bella gnocca" --- tgl

"jusgs sqf q" --- fqsf

"Pinturas en general" --- Jorge M. Carracedo

"Voglio trovare i posters di Van Gogh" --- Anita

"Madagascar" --- powpowfam

"... because I love Art!" --- RhaOsiris

"El Salvadorian holidays / festivals" --- cheeko222

"A portrait of ME by Willem de Kooning." -- Katie Murphy

"Il mio pisello." --- Soiolore

"A portrait of myself, son, daughter, and grand-daughter." -- Jean

"Donald R Ricker's concept of creation" --- TheoMax

"Parfait; ok." -- JML

"Guernica" --- Guido

"Picasso Appolinaire" --- Lycee

"Guernica ? " --- anonymously

"Picasso's Girl with a Dove (sic)" --- anonymously

"I would like to research Annette Hartzell prints." --- Cheryl

"Las Meninas de Diego da Silva Velazquez " --- Juan Silva

"A pure expression of love for God and his creation" ---  Richard Robinson

"a Francis Bacon portrait of me" --- Mark

"Paint my soul in an abstract form, I've been trying to do this and have been thinking about it for months, maybe you could help the process"  --- Anastasia 117

"A caricature of me" --- Frank Blaine

"An idiotic footballer" --- The Ace

"A form that fills the world with love (and grabs the world by the balls, showing us all how moronic it is to treat others badly!)." --- Arthead

"By my own hands." --- Ironman

"A space I could live in and be pleased with... a home" --- Terry Spruell

"A saran-wrap devil hat" --- anonymously

"The Jamaica island maps (cultural)" --- anonymously

"It would have to be a portrait of myself.  I am a portrait artist and would like to know what it is like to be on the other side." --- Sally Platte

"A huge landscape from Zimbabwe with waterfalls, rainbows, elephants, lions, leopards, exotic birds of all colors." --- Sheila77

"The expression of my affective memories because the memory is the mother of all the arts." ---Valdir Sarubbi

"My own." --- anonymously

"I have to think big; I'd like a beach house that functions as an  interactive sculpture." --- Stephen Culp

"A drawing of the crescent moon; just the moon." ---   Kris

"Duchampt's "Large Glass" - broken, of course!" --- Scarlett

"A 12 inch Picasso statue, the kind with the small body and big head. The Maestro would be wearing his trademark black and white striped sailor shirt. " --- Justin K

"an original cover of a Jungle Comic book from the 40's - examples are available" --- Burrel Rowe

"A shapely, and lovely, young lady wearing a bikini and posessing one of three special qualities -- many arms (4, 6 or 8), a zipper mouth, or no mouth at all.  Thank you for reading." --- Warewolf

"Perfect, Like I have to be to visit this web site!" --- Bill Smith

"A mixed media,one living room wall mosaic of a chihuahua,a hyena and a goat standing on a hard wood floor smoking pipes seemingly discussing a sculpture of a giant magnifying glass." --- Doug

"One of my paintings made in stained glass." --- S. A. Murray

"a painting, oil, on canvas, of some bit of God's green earth!" --- JCab

"an  arabian horse running by a pond with a forest behind him and a sunset sky" --- anonymous

"very blue...and,,,,,, ah ...big and would keep the rain off me." --- no, my name is not Optional

" a Poem " --- Angelina

"A work on paper, minimalist or geometric abstraction" --- Wynn

"Wow! Probably a comfort a little cabin scene in a box to take with me everywhere I go..I have never thought about having something made for me, because, , well, I guess I could make it meself !!" --- Nancy

"A House shaped like Syd Barretts with a lovely view out the eyes. It would be a tree house in a garden and the field around it would have French Pumpkins and vegetables and in the summer morning glories and sweet peas. There would be chairs like his hands and mirrors cut out like his shape and in the garden, black metal silouettes of him . I would like shades you could pull down at night over the windows so that you could project films so it would be like dreaming. I would hang birdcages in the trees, full of brightly dressed girls and have his music playing  as men dressed in Elizabethan Ladies costumes floated down in huge farthingales. Also I'd like pink cotton candy to be placed in rows on either side of the path to his mouth/door. If impossible, it doesn't have to be in a tree, a tree could be inside his head or his head could have alfafa sprouts. I suppose this is just retro."  --- Emily Lord-Grenier

"the world around me as it IS or as i SEE it." --- Marcela Lopes

"I would like to have a sculpture of a woman turning into a bird. ...  A sculpture would be a lot less painless (than a tattoo) and would not be as affected by wrinkles" --- anonymously

"TIME to quit my day job" --- Jack Flash

"a portrait of my family" --- Matt J.

"a sailboat" --- R.H. Moore

"a clay sculpted pickle, warts and all" --- chelsea

"I don't think I would WANT art made specifically for me. I want art made by someone out of their own impulses, which I can then respond to as a fragment of that artist." --- Janet Van Fleet

"a tapestry woven of love. .. human, spriritual...luminescent colors   on a dark background...designs that wrap around the surface, leading my eye to explore all aspects of love" --- r. da via

"the mental topography of the woman I love, that is, the topography of her mind, a tridimensional view of what you get once you see through her eyes, and the title for the work would be Saudade, a Portuguese word that means something like longing"  --- Ricardo Bello

"a matched front and back pair of one hundred dollar bill plates from The U.S. Treasury" --- Ethan Sprague

"a lifesize native american bronze by dave mcgary" --- anonymously



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