1994 Donald R Ricker

(46"x94" oil on hardboard)

The fall of these monsters shook the earth, so that Pluto was alarmed, and feared that his kingdom would be laid open to the light of day. Under this apprehension, he mounted his chariot, drawn by black horses, and took a circuit of inspection to satisfy himself of the extent of the damage. Venus, who was playing with her boy Cupid in the mountains, noticed him and said, "My son, send one of your darts into the breast of yonder dark monarch. Why should he alone escape love's powers?." The boy shot the arrow with its barbed point right into the heart of Pluto.

In the vale of Enna there is a lake embowered in woods where the moist ground is covered with flowers, and Spring reigns perpetual. Here Proserpine was playing with her companions when the stricken Pluto saw her, fell hopelessly in love, and carried her off. She screamed for help and let her flowers fall. The ravisher urged on his steeds, and throwing loose the reins, he struck the riverbank with his trident. The earth opened and gave him passage back to the underworld.

Pluto & Proserpina was exhibited at a solo exhibition at D Street Cafe in Anchorage AK November 2000 


Pluto & Proserpina was chosen favorite in a poll of visitors to PEGASUS   GALLERY during the last weeks of 1998.

Thank you to visitors known and unknown who honored my painting in this manner.

Exegy Bookstore Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes, Edith Hamilton Bullfinch's Mythology, Thomas Bullfinch    

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